Our Story

Angel City Aroma Candlecrafters in Los Angeles

All Natural. Hand Poured. Double Scented. Premium Soy Veggie Candles.

Los Angeles Candle Crafts


Angel City Aroma understands that the mind, body and spirit can get consumed with the stresses of everyday life. We believe Aromatherapy is an important factor to alleviate and lift moods and emotions.

Angel City Aroma Candles has handpicked  every fragrance in its candles with an intended desired mood purpose. Our different scents have a goal to trigger reactions within the body and soul.

Our  goal is not only to not only please our customer's atmosphere, but we also believe being  eco-friendly to the environment is also important. Unlike many other candle makers, Angel  City Aroma Candles are all natural and Eco-Friendly to our beautiful planet. All our candles are are made with 100% Soy or Soy-Veggie wax that include Hemp, 100% cotton, or Wood wicks. This combination of wix and  eco-friendly wax provide a cleaner and non-toxic brun experience.


Let us bring the ambiance of Angel  City Aroma for your intended journey!